Feature highlight

  1. 1.Trade and sync using your favorite broker without leaving the app.

  2. 2.Show Upcoming Dividends of what your portfolio yield in the next few months (up to a year).

  3. 3.IPO Center calendar.

  4. 4.3000+ Cryptocurrencies with charts and news.

  5. 5.Extended hours display & Display Dow in real time.

  6. 6.Earnings and Ex-Dividend calendar.

  7. 7.Sorting by many keys.

  8. 8.Heat Map with dancing tiles and heart visualization (buy/sell signal).

  9. 9.Multi-currency multi-assets portfolio manager. Check gain/loss, benchmark, alert if portfolio is higher or lower against your settings, tax information related to long term and short term, Employee stock options, simulation and more...

  10. 10.Cryptocurrency center, provided by Cryptocompare.com.

  11. 11.Twitter native support. Read real time news related to any company. Convert tweet into watch list with one tap!

  12. 12.iCloud support.  Sync all your watch lists, news and market activities across all your devices all the time.

  13. 13.Easy to manage unlimited watch lists.  

  14. 14.View all the watch list as charts, table, heat map, 52-week high/low or news.

  15. 15.TradingView charting/Options/Insider trading/Company profile/Company news/Company tweets/Company events.

  16. 16.Built-in news reader from 130+ feeds from the best news sources, Yahoo Finance, CNNMoney, NYTimes, Forbes, Reuters and more. 

  17. 17.Write notes using built-in Evernote integration.

  18. 18.Real-Time quotes from Nasdaq and NYSE.

  19. 19.Real Time Activities of the markets from around the world.  Do you know which stocks hits 52 week high, or 52 weeks low?  Do you know which stocks got upgraded or downgraded? you will know the answer in real time.

  20. 20.Make animated charts (Tradergram) of your portfolio performance to share on social media.

  21. 21.Education Center with valuable information about investing, trading and more.